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SCALES 'n' SENSORS is a professionally managed company with rich experience in Electronic Scales manufacturing DIGITRON brand. Our experience in the weighing industry has been more than 25 years in India with the companies like Avery , India & U.K, Teroaka Seiko, Japan, AND - Japan besides MSI, U.S.A for crane scales and Scanvaeght Denmark for waterproof scales and graders.

We have a comprehensive capacity of understanding, studying designing, developing,  and producing various kinds of  electronic scales to suit our clients requirements.

SCALES 'n' SENSORS is committed to persistently develop, manufacture and market high quality weighing products with affordable price to satisfy its clients.

SCALES 'n' SENSORS is very grateful to its customers in India and overseas for their business and support in making Digitron  Scales popular worldwide.

Weighing and measurement technologist with confidence for your solutions.

Designed and built to last in harsh environments.

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